PlanetStor caters to the Boss. Simple to Use.
Business and Personal Privacy and Data Protection is our Business…
now go Private and Never-ever lose your Data again!

PlanetStor is a private boutique subscription service powered by ownCloud™, an open-source based product for private and secure web-based file storage and private and secure sharing. PlanetStor strictly caters to business owners who want a more private and most secure DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive alternative. The Boss must be very serious and most concerned about his or her business and personal privacy and to never-ever lose their most valued business data and/or be compromised in any way, shape or form..all without having to change the way one currently works nor having to learn a new way. PlanetStor is located in Singapore, therefore no US government intervention. This most highly secure private cloud server also includes our IronClad firewall located in our secure private data centre and is accessible from anywhere and from any device and without the expense and headache of having an IT team to feed.